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Financing Growth SMBs

Financial stress: what is it and how to overcome it?

Financial stress is a condition that has to do with worrying about money, which ends up affecting the mental and physical health. It can begin with incidents like losing your wallet on the street, getting a bill that wasn't expected, a customer paying late, or running out of money in...

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Financing Tips

5 reasons to separate personal and work finances

It is recommended that personal finances be kept separate from work finances. This is one of the key premises that you must be clear about from the beginning if you have a project that is about to consolidate or a company that has just been born and you want it...

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Financing Growth SMBs

6 financial objectives that you must have in mind for your business

The financial objectives dictate the direction of a company, serve as a guide for its growth and to strengthen its key elements, as well as to have a better management of both its operational aspect and its capital management. It is important to know these factors, since poor financial planning...

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Growth Mexico

Mexico Should Take Bold Steps to Attract Foreign Investment

By Erez Saf, President Pymes Capital As the President of Pymes Capital and an investor in Mexico, I firmly believe that Mexico has an incredible opportunity to unleash its full potential by actively encouraging foreign investment in the SaaS and fintech sectors. With its strategic location, skilled workforce, and emerging...

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Financing Growth Mexico Online Financing SMBs

The role of Pymes Capital in the growth of SMEs in Mexico

SMEs in Mexico are a great growth engine, and in order to function they require sufficient financial resources to give them the necessary impetus so that they not only continue to operate, but can grow and offer better products and services. However, it is very common for them to face...

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SMBs Tips

How to organize the finances of a business as an entrepreneur?

Finances are one of the most important pillars that companies have, it is what keeps them operational and its good management is essential for their operations and to boost their growth. Likewise, poor administration can result in nascent organizations having to close their doors. According to the report "Radiografía del...

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