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Daniela Rodríguez: A Successful Journey with Pymes Capital

Talking about business success is telling the stories of brave and determined entrepreneurs who turn challenges into opportunities, like Daniela Rodríguez, an entrepreneur whose career is truly inspiring.   At 48 years old and residing in Mexico City (CDMX), Daniela has been the driving force behind Farmacias Rodmon (Rodmon Pharmacies)...

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Information Request Manual for the Special Credit Bureau

Table of Contents Introduction Importance of the Credit Report Application Requirements Steps to Authorize the Consultation to the Credit Bureau Natural Person with Business Activity (PFAE) Legal Person (PM) Conclusion     Introduction Before starting, it is important to emphasize that this process is TOTALLY FREE for you. The consultation...

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SMBs Tips

Key indicators of the financial health of a company

Financial health is key to growing and seeking new opportunities, such as government support or financing solutions for SMEs looking to expand or maintain their operations. Below are some of the main indicators that measure how well an organization is doing in this aspect, which is of great importance for...

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How to deal with negative cash flow in your business?

Cash flow is a determining indicator for the financial stability of companies. To identify whether it is positive or negative, a financial report must be generated that specifies the company's income and expenses in a specific period. If when comparing these values, income is higher than expenses, we are talking...

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SMBs Tips

Launching Your Entrepreneurial Journey: 6 Key Tips

Mexico, a country with a constantly growing market, offers a series of opportunities for those looking for ways to start a business. With an entrepreneurial culture that is constantly evolving, the keys are being established so that more people are encouraged to start a business.   How to start a...

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How to have a solid business credit history?

The start of operations, growth and expansion of SMEs brings with it commitments that usually require business credit that can be adapted to their payment capacity. However, it is important to take into account that obtaining it will depend on the behavior and credit history of the applicant. Let us...

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