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SMBs Tips

Key indicators of the financial health of a company

Financial health is key to growing and seeking new opportunities, such as government support or financing solutions for SMEs looking to expand or maintain their operations. Below are some of the main indicators that measure how well an organization is doing in this aspect, which is of great importance for...

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How to deal with negative cash flow in your business?

Cash flow is a determining indicator for the financial stability of companies. To identify whether it is positive or negative, a financial report must be generated that specifies the company's income and expenses in a specific period. If when comparing these values, income is higher than expenses, we are talking...

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Online Financing

Financing for the development and innovation of your business

We have talked a lot about the need for adequate financing sources for the development and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses; objective that in some cases is related to actions such as the purchase or lease of real estate, machinery or the hiring of personnel. However, this time, we...

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Importance of business financing in economic crises

In Mexico, the importance of financing for businesses can be seen during times of economic crises that have significantly impacted the economy, for example, the 2008 financial crisis that caused many businesses to go bankrupt or in the COVID-19 pandemic. , where there was a significant decrease in sales, profitability...

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Financing MCA Online Financing

Why should you request financing for your business?

Starting or expanding a business comes with a number of financial challenges that often require a significant capital investment. In this context, it is inevitable to face the dilemma of whether to request external financing or not. Do you want to know what financing would mean for your business?  ...

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MCA Online Financing

MCA business financing for the growth of your company

Business financing is vital so that any venture can prosper, expand and endure over time. Although it is often difficult for smaller companies to access traditional credit, it is then that alternative solutions emerge as sources of financing for SMEs. In this regard, according to the National Company Financing Survey...

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