Business financing is vital so that any venture can prosper, expand and endure over time. Although it is often difficult for smaller companies to access traditional credit, it is then that alternative solutions emerge as sources of financing for SMEs.

In this regard, according to the National Company Financing Survey (ENAFIN), it is estimated that among the factors that limit the financing of companies, 39% find that the requirements are too many, and they cannot always meet them. , but there are also other reasons, such as the lack of credit history with 9%, and not having guarantees or collateral, with 11%.


What are companies looking for?

When companies begin their activities, they need a boost in their projects, which is why they must have a financing plan where operating expenses and costs are taken into account.

For this reason, they need to capitalize, have the necessary resources to remain competitive, and they need solutions that are immediate, simple to manage, and easy to access, without so many challenges in obtaining financing that get in the way.

These characteristics are met by the Merchant Cash Advance or cash advance.


Merchant Cash Advance as a solution

The MCA is a type of business financing that is highly versatile and quick to receive. Its operation consists of an application that can be made online, a resolution that takes just a few hours, the receipt of capital by the requesting company, the payment of a fee in advance, and then the capital obtained, through of a percentage of the sales achieved by the company through a point of sale (POS) terminal, which gives it versatility in debt settlement.


How can you make the most of this type of business financing?

The MCA is one of the most immediate, accessible and adaptable sources of financing for SMEs that can be found on the market, now discover how you can get the most out of it.


Identify the financing needs of the business

Reflect on what you want from your venture, possibly acquiring better equipment, hiring staff or buying raw materials. By identifying what you need, it will be easier for you to manage resources.


Calculate the amount of money needed

Since you know what you want to invest in, it is recommended that you can prepare a budget so that you know how much everything you need for your business would cost and you can request financing focused on it.


Set goals and objectives

Having short-term objectives, and that they are part of long-term goals, will make your investment intelligent and focused on results, so make sure that these two aspects are measurable and determine a period to verify if you are on the right track. or you must make adjustments.


Know your target audience

In order for you to achieve your goals, you must know who you are talking to and how you should talk to them, so that they buy the products or services you offer, and your investment pays off.


Know your competition

Another key aspect to getting the most out of financing is knowing what the competition does, what gives them results and what mistakes they have made, so as not to make them. This way you will avoid misusing the funds you have available.


Business growth, with Pymes Capital

Once you know how you can take full advantage of business financing, and you know that an ideal option for your venture is the MCA, focus on applying for it.

With the cash advance you will be able to expand your project, without the pressure of forced deadlines to meet for debt payment, since it is a financing that you can manage at your own pace and according to the sales generated by your business.

Enter Pymes Capital, request your MCA, and experience this great capitalization alternative for your business.