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Financing Tips

Challenges you will face seeking financing for your business

The path of entrepreneurship is synonymous with fulfillment for those who seek independence in labor relationships, have a passion with which they can contribute to the economic growth of the country and recognize themselves with self-management and leadership skills. If you identify with this description, you should know that, although...

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Financing Growth

How can you use external financing for your coffee shop?

It is estimated that last year in Mexico more than 87,000 tons of coffee were consumed, the largest amount ever recorded. From the above, it can be inferred that coffee shops are one of the most powerful ventures today, and therefore, a very important reason when seeking external financing and...

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MCA financing to improve the liquidity of your company

Financing is one of the most important tools so that a business can have liquidity and be able to continue with its daily operations, in addition to expanding in the future. However, there is a perception that credit institutions impose complicated procedures and high interest rates, which has caused that,...

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Financing Online Financing

5 characteristics of financing that you should pay attention to

In Mexico, SMEs represent a significant percentage of the total jobs generated in the country, being more than 70%. However, despite its importance for the stability and economic growth of the country, one of the most important difficulties faced by entrepreneurs who have a company is adapting their business to...

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Solid credit history: how important is it?

Starting a business requires capital, which in many cases can be difficult to obtain. Hence, one of the first tasks of entrepreneurs is to identify the available financing sources to choose the one that best suits their financial capacity and the needs of the project. However, to apply for a...

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Plan Your Business Financing: Strategies According to the Term

Financing for companies can be found in many forms, and among the influencing factors is the term in which it will be used, which will depend on the goals you have and the ability to pay, among other elements. The financing of companies in Mexico is relevant because a large...

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