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Information Request Manual for the Special Credit Bureau

Table of Contents Introduction Importance of the Credit Report Application Requirements Steps to Authorize the Consultation to the Credit Bureau Natural Person with Business Activity (PFAE) Legal Person (PM) Conclusion     Introduction Before starting, it is important to emphasize that this process is TOTALLY FREE for you. The consultation...

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Financing Growth Mexico SMBs

What should you know before applying for online financing?

Online financing has grown significantly for several reasons, among which are the ease of applying, the affordable requirements, and the speed with which the resources are provided. The sources of financing for SMEs are especially important in the current context, where 75% of them are optimistic and consider that they...

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Financing MCA Online Financing SAT SMBs

Why can you be rejected for financing from Pymes Capital?

Although MCA financing is a possibility for many companies, it is normal to wonder if there are some impediments to obtaining a financial product of this type, so that SMEs can get to work and resolve pending issues so that they are candidates for obtaining resources. In the country there...

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Financing Growth SAT Tips

How to prepare your company to request financing?

Financing can be a very important instrument for a company to boost its growth, increase its productivity, launch new projects or reactivate existing projects. However, it is not always easy to find good sources of financing. In the second quarter of 2022, according to Banxico figures, 1.7% of the companies...

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Mexico SAT

Why is the SAT data important?

In Mexico, anyone who must pay some type of fiscal tax has to render accounts before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), which in 2022 collected 4.82 billion pesos. For this reason, the data from the SAT and the tax information that is handled by that body are of great relevance...

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Online Financing SMBs

What requirements are most common in financing for SMEs?

When starting a business, one of the issues that is always current is access to financing for SMEs, since with the necessary budget it is possible to apply and start initiatives to direct or improve the business, seeking its growth, positioning and subsequent profitability. According to data from the 2021...

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