In Mexico, anyone who must pay some type of fiscal tax has to render accounts before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), which in 2022 collected 4.82 billion pesos. For this reason, the data from the SAT and the tax information that is handled by that body are of great relevance to understand the current economic contexts.


Why is SAT data important?

In the SAT, all the movements on expenses and receipts of money that each legal person has for the economic activities they carry out are registered. With this, it is possible to track the collection of taxes that are attributed to each individual or organization. For this reason, all these data are a source of true information that is kept up-to-date.

In addition, the SAT carries out certain processes to prevent tax crimes such as money laundering and tax fraud, so the data registered with this authority is completely reliable and unalterable.


What is the relationship between SAT data and credit processes?

Fiscal data is a reliable source of information that functions as an important indicator of the financial health of an entity and individual. For this reason, they are essential for online financing and loans.

Specifically, the SAT data is useful for carrying out a credit risk analysis, with which more specific details of the prospect and applicant can be known to make better decisions regarding the granting of credit.

How is the financing process with Pymes Capital?

The purpose of Pymes Capital is to provide the financing that companies need to capitalize on their business ideas, gain momentum in their projects and grow exponentially.

To achieve this, a simple, fast and intuitive process has been implemented, in which basic requirements are requested such as filling out an online form, having more than 6 months of operations and average sales of more than $25,000 MXN per month.

In order to carry out an analysis of the applicant’s credit risk, when filling out the form, fiscal data such as the business address and SAT credentials (RFC and CIEC) are requested. Thanks to this data, an artificial intelligence tool makes it possible to make reliable credit reports to quickly determine if the financing is approved and what the amount would be.


The technology with which Pymes Capital works works with armored security protocols, so they are totally reliable. The data processing is done with an integration to the SAT database, which also guarantees that the process is protected so as not to violate the information of the applicants.

In this way, the online loans offered by Pymes Capital are not only safe, but a decision is made based on the yield and performance of the requesting companies, based on detailed income information that is registered in the SAT.

Financing approval has a high approval rate and a fair and efficient evaluation. Learn more about the Pymes Capital process and request the ideal financing for your company to continue operations and continue to grow.