Online financing has grown significantly for several reasons, among which are the ease of applying, the affordable requirements, and the speed with which the resources are provided.

The sources of financing for SMEs are especially important in the current context, where 75% of them are optimistic and consider that they will have growth in 2023, for which they should be supported with this type of loan. So if you are an entrepreneur who is thinking of expanding your business with the help of a financial product like this, know its details in depth.


What you need to know about online financing

Take note of everything relevant that you should know regarding this topic, from the hand of Pymes Capital, and prepare to be one of the SMEs in Mexico that manage to grow as they intend to.


Which are the requirements?

For your company to be an eligible candidate to receive an online loan, you must have:

  • Your name and email at hand.
  • Commercial address.
  • SAT credentials: CIEC and RFC.
  • Credentials from your POS terminal provider.
  • Sales paid by credit or debit card, with a minimum of 6 months old.
  • Have the minimum sales required.

Keep all of the above in mind and thus avoid reasons for which your financing request may be rejected.


How do online financing works?

Of the financing sources for SMEs that are available, this alternative is one of the simplest in its process and operation.

The first thing is to enter the website of the financial institution, in this case Pymes Capital, choose the option to fill out the form, answer what is asked in it, create an account and provide the required data regarding the POS provider credentials and sat.

After a short wait, the applicant is informed how much they can be financed with. The next thing is to send the required documentation, and that’s it. If the application is approved, you will be able to have capital in a very short time.

In addition, the cost of this financing is only 18% in advance, a competitive rate, and payments are made with a percentage of the sales made, which means that the loan is settled in a very short period of time. flexible.


Approval deadlines

The wait, as already mentioned, is brief, it does not imply the long periods that products such as bank loans, factoring or credit cards entail, because with online loans in a very short time there is a resolution with the amount that can be granted, and the average approval time is only about one day.


Amounts available

The amounts vary, depending on the monthly sales, ability to pay and other elements that the financial analysis shows, but as reference points, in Pymes Capital financing can be granted based on the average income obtained in the last 3 months, and up to 1 million of pesos.


Is online financing safe?

To carry out the process, SMEs Capital uses CRiskCo, a SAT API that uses the latest technology and artificial intelligence to carry out risk analysis and determine the best financing option.

This platform connects directly with the SAT, and from there the data obtained is shared only with the financial institution, with the express approval of the loan applicant, and with no one else. This makes the process completely safe, without misusing the data. So as an applicant you can rest easy knowing that your information will be handled with complete professionalism and confidentiality.

Now you know, SMEs in Mexico can rely on Pymes Capital to grow easily and without obstacles.