The scarcity of financing options for SMEs is one of the most important difficulties that entrepreneurs face when expanding their business, once their project has been established.


How does the financing support the goals of SMEs?

Faced with the scenario that we have described, financing for small and medium-sized companies represents endless opportunities for business. Here we will mention six of them:


1. Expand the business

This growth can occur through the opening of one or more new points of sale or actions to expand the reach of the company on the Internet.

This, by investing in digital marketing campaigns or contracting logistics services that can range from storage to packaging and distribution of products.


2. Increase the staff

In most cases, the growth of a small business entails a greater investment in processes of recruitment, selection and onboarding of personnel. Therefore, it is feasible that at least a part of the financing will be used for this purpose.


3. Implement training programs

The benefit that can be obtained through training, through financing for SMEs, can mean a higher profit margin.

However, these resources are not always available. Hence the importance of access to solutions such as credits or online loans.


4. Grow or diversify inventory

In part, what keeps a company current is including new products and services in its catalog, in order to adapt to the needs of the current market, capture the attention of new customers and stand out from the competition.


5. Invest in equipment

Investing in new equipment and elements that help generate greater efficiency in production processes, respond to increased demand, optimize production and reduce human error can also be a key aspect.


What is Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) financing?

MCA financing or cash advance, is a financing method that provides SMEs with the necessary resources to grow, in exchange for a percentage of their future sales, which are paid with debit or credit cards through a point terminal. selling.

This solution is suitable for companies that for some reason are not candidates for a traditional business loan, such as those that need to improve their credit history.

Once the MCA contract is signed, the awarding company deposits the amount necessary to develop its project in the SME’s account. Then, the beneficiary must make payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This implies that the period to settle the debt will depend on the pace of sales.

Additionally, this type of financing does not require collateral, so the business assets are kept safe.


How does Pymes Capital support business growth?

At Pymes Capital, we offer financing alternatives for businesses that seek to expand by increasing working capital, acquiring liquidity, or making improvements.

The process is very simple: just submit an online application for an evaluation and receive a response in a very short time.

In this way, through our online loans, you will have the necessary resources to achieve the goals of your company.

Contact us and access a financing solution, with a high approval rate, through an easy and fast process.