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Daniela Rodríguez: A Successful Journey with Pymes Capital

Talking about business success is telling the stories of brave and determined entrepreneurs who turn challenges into opportunities, like Daniela Rodríguez, an entrepreneur whose career is truly inspiring.   At 48 years old and residing in Mexico City (CDMX), Daniela has been the driving force behind Farmacias Rodmon (Rodmon Pharmacies)...

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Financing Growth Mexico SMBs

Adolfo’s Journey: Fueling Local Businesses and Beyond

Meet Adolfo, a determined entrepreneur from Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, who embarked on an extraordinary mission to revolutionize local commerce with the help of Pymes Capital. When the pandemic struck, Adolfo saw an opportunity to create a mobile application called Kaly, connecting people with their favorite local coffee shops,...

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Financing Growth Mexico SMBs

Powering Expansion: Jorge’s Inspiring Success Story with Pymes Capital

Tultitlan, Mexico City, June 2023   Meet Jorge, an inspiring entrepreneur from Tultitlan, Mexico City, who experienced a remarkable transformation in his minimarket partnering with Pymes Capital. Jorge faced the common challenge of not having enough funds to buy products for his store, which limited the growth of his business....

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Financing Growth SMBs

Empowering Business Expansion: Liliana’s Success Story

Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, May 2023   In an impressive feat of determination and resilience, Liliana García, a prominent local entrepreneur from Veracruz, Mexico, has defied financial odds by successfully expanding her local coffee shop business with the help of Pymes Capital, a renowned financial institution. Facing challenges securing traditional funding...

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