Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, May 2023


In an impressive feat of determination and resilience, Liliana García, a prominent local entrepreneur from Veracruz, Mexico, has defied financial odds by successfully expanding her local coffee shop business with the help of Pymes Capital, a renowned financial institution. Facing challenges securing traditional funding options, Liliana turned to Pymes Capital’s flexible financing solutions to equip the kitchen of her new coffee shop branch.

Liliana’s entrepreneurial journey took an unexpected turn when she hit roadblocks while seeking financial assistance from conventional banks. Their strict requirements and high interest rates left her frustrated and in urgent need of expansion. That’s when she stumbled upon an enticing Facebook ad promoting the services of Pymes Capital.

With a desire to explore this alternative financing route, Liliana eagerly applied to Pymes Capital online, seeking a hassle-free and flexible solution to propel her coffee shop expansion plans. The entire application process took her less than two minutes to complete, and from the comfort of her home.

Pymes Capital stepped up to the challenge, offering Liliana a customized financing package that perfectly suited her needs. Their experienced professionals worked closely with Liliana, offering her the standard funding deal according to her business performance.



“Liliana found the process with us to be streamlined and hassle-free, appreciating the clarity and transparency we provided,” shared a representative from Pymes Capital.


Thanks to Pymes Capital’s financial support, Liliana was able to secure an amount equal of twice her monthly revenue, which was the necessary funds to fully equip the kitchen of her new coffee shop branch. The financing process proved seamless, with payments automatically deducted from her point-of-sale terminal, lightening her administrative burden. Liliana praised Pymes Capital for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to fueling the growth of small and medium-sized businesses across Mexico.


“Thanks to the financial support from Pymes Capital, I was able to successfully open my second coffee shop branch and fully equip the kitchen. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity they provided me, as their backing was crucial in expanding my business.” 

– Liliana García
Business Owner