Meet Adolfo, a determined entrepreneur from Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, who embarked on an extraordinary mission to revolutionize local commerce with the help of Pymes Capital. When the pandemic struck, Adolfo saw an opportunity to create a mobile application called Kaly, connecting people with their favorite local coffee shops, restaurants, and supermarkets, allowing them to conveniently order food to their homes.


As Kaly gained traction in the community, Adolfo realized the need for additional working capital to ensure smooth operations and expand the app’s reach. However, traditional banking institutions posed significant challenges with their demanding requirements and high interest rates, making it difficult for Adolfo to access the funds he needed.


Fortunately, Adolfo came across an advertisement for Pymes Capital on Facebook. Pymes Capital stood out by understanding the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and showing genuine belief in their potential.


With the financial support provided by Pymes Capital, Adolfo made remarkable progress in several areas of his business:


  • Marketing: Adolfo invested in traditional print advertising and incorporated QR codes to promote Kaly’s application. This strategy proved highly effective, leading to a significant increase in application downloads and expanding the user base.


  • Financial Stability: Pymes Capital’s financing relieved Adolfo of financial worries, allowing him to focus on optimizing business operations and making strategic decisions.


  • Process Optimization: The infusion of capital empowered Adolfo to streamline processes, improving operational efficiency and setting the stage for sustainable growth.


Pymes Capital partnered with Adolfo, offering a pay-as-you-grow model where they charged only 20% of the revenue, showcasing their true partnership and genuine commitment to Adolfo’s entrepreneurial journey while also uplifting other local businesses in the process.

Thanks to their support, Adolfo got his finances in order and started offering awesome deals like 50-peso coupons for first-time customers, which boosted his sales and encouraged more people to shop at Kaly.


“Pymes Capital was amazing throughout the whole process. They communicated quickly and efficiently, and their customer service was top-notch. “ – Says Adolfo. Adolfo’s success story is a perfect example of how Pymes Capital helps entrepreneurs. With their support, Adolfo’s dream of empowering local businesses through Kaly became a reality.



When we last spoke with Adolfo, he and his business were doing great, and he highly recommends Pymes Capital to other entrepreneurs who need a financial boost.

“Their process is fast and secure, and they genuinely care about helping businesses grow. They’re the perfect partner for turning entrepreneurial dreams into actual achievements.” 

-Adolfo Olvera
CEO & Founder


Adolfo’s journey shows us the impact of financial support, guidance, and unwavering belief in entrepreneurs and their communities. Pymes Capital made an impact for Adolfo, and he is making an impact helping local businesses reach wider audiences. Let’s work together to empower more businesses and bring economic growth to every part of our society.