SMEs in Mexico are a great growth engine, and in order to function they require sufficient financial resources to give them the necessary impetus so that they not only continue to operate, but can grow and offer better products and services.

However, it is very common for them to face obstacles in this regard, estimating that more than 30% of Mexican companies have problems growing, due to lack of financing, having difficulties in accessing one. That is why alternatives to traditional credits are a solution that can have a great impact so that businesses can prosper.


The context of SMEs in Mexico

Financing for SMEs, through traditional means, is not enough to satisfy the demand and needs of small and medium-sized companies, and this results in many businesses having to close their doors.

This is because financial institutions or independent investors, due to the economic contingency, can be very rigorous with the requirements.

This represents a problem for those SMEs that are too young to prove their stability, despite the fact that they are doing well from the beginning.


The new era of financing for SMEs

Products such as bank loans have a low approval rate, their decision criteria are based on credit history, business performance and available assets, but not on an evaluation based on recent business performance. Also, the average approval time can exceed 15 days, and interest rates are high, around 25% and even higher.

As another example is factoring, its approval rate is medium, but its criteria are equally complex. Its interest rates are affordable, however the average approval time is slow, approximately 21 days, a problem if the applicant company is having liquidity problems at the moment.

These two products are a sample of why many young companies run out of financing, especially at times that can be critical for their operations.

That is why new entities have emerged that offer tailored, fast solutions that take into account the needs of SMEs.


The option of Pymes Capital

Among these new proposals is Pymes Capital, with its MCA loan system, which with its simple requirements and fast resolution time, has come to change the financial landscape of small and medium-sized companies.

The product it offers are fast cash advances (online financing) that are paid with a percentage of sales, applying a fee of 18% in advance, so that payments are flexible, and each sale is an advance on the debt payment.

Do not worry about the requirements, you only need to have a POS, have your company duly registered with the SAT, have an operation that has a minimum of 6 months, and sales for more than $25,000 per month, in addition to the fact that the evaluation does apply performance based.

Besides, you can apply to this type of loan online through the internet and the average resolution takes only one day.

With all this, young businesses with potential and the desire to grow can obtain financing easily and quickly.


Success story

As an example of the above, there is the story of Liliana, an entrepreneur from Veracruz who wanted to equip the kitchen of her new cafeteria, but she was unable to obtain financing from banking and traditional entities.

The obstacles did not stop and time was short, so while browsing social networks she came across an ad from Pymes Capital, in less than a couple of minutes she made her request online, and she quickly received a response.

Pymes Capital saw the potential that traditional options did not appreciate, and granted Liliana a personalized loan, with which she was able to equip her venture and get her second coffee shop off the ground.

You too can have a success story. Come to Pymes Capital and in just minutes change the course of your company.