It is estimated that last year in Mexico more than 87,000 tons of coffee were consumed, the largest amount ever recorded. From the above, it can be inferred that coffee shops are one of the most powerful ventures today, and therefore, a very important reason when seeking external financing and embarking on this adventure or growing your project that is already in operation.


Grow your business: strategies for coffee shops

Coffee is a business that can have a large clientele, but finding the competitive advantage that allows your brand to stand out among the wide range of coffee shops requires creativity, time, patience and resources.

That is why if you are interested in your cafeteria reaching its maximum potential and offering better returns, a first step is to make a diagnosis of the business needs, establish priorities and find an external financing solution that allows you to carry out the improvements you need. you have proposed.

In this sense, some of the strategies for coffee shops that can enhance your business are the following:


1. Expand or diversify your food and drink offering

Introducing seasonal dishes or drinks is a way to attract the attention of new customers, as is developing a house specialty or offering a menu according to the market’s consumer preferences.

For example, if the cafeteria is located near an office area, offering ready-to-go meals and breakfasts can become the differentiator why your customers prefer you.


2. Offer delivery services

During the COVID-19 crisis, the number of users of food delivery services increased considerably and it seems that the habit of ordering food and drinks is here to stay.

According to data from Statista, in 2022, the number of users of food delivery platforms in Mexico reached more than 33 million people.


3. Enhance the thematic appeal of the establishment

To do this, you can hire a band to perform a certain musical genre on certain days of the week or at a specific time, organize book presentations, poetry readings, art or photography exhibitions, films, chess tournaments, tarot readings or performances. on stage… the identity of your business will help you define what is most appropriate.


4. Invest in your brand image and digital marketing campaigns

This is basic if you are starting out, you are about to open a new establishment, you need to make yourself known or, if you have gone through a period of little movement and you notice that you are losing customers.

Another scenario in which this need arises is when your business has grown and you need to hire digital marketing professionals to attend to social networks, visually improve menus and take new photographs.


5. Train the team

It should be a priority to have trained and committed people to run the business; this should be considered regardless of the turnover levels your cafeteria may have.


6. Remodel or change the decoration of the premises

Aesthetics and comfort are important factors, especially when it is a space where people go to relax, socialize or even work. Therefore, decisions such as changing the floor, the color of the walls, rearranging furniture (or buying new ones) and redecorating can be the key to attracting new customers.


7. Acquire quality machinery and supplies

Applying for loans online with this objective in mind is a good option when your business has already begun to grow or is well positioned, but you need to update the equipment or face strong competitors, for which the quality of the materials premiums is key.



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