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Financing Growth

5 opportunities that financing gives your business

The scarcity of financing options for SMEs is one of the most important difficulties that entrepreneurs face when expanding their business, once their project has been established.   How does the financing support the goals of SMEs? Faced with the scenario that we have described, financing for small and medium-sized...

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Financing Growth Mexico SMBs

What should you know before applying for online financing?

Online financing has grown significantly for several reasons, among which are the ease of applying, the affordable requirements, and the speed with which the resources are provided. The sources of financing for SMEs are especially important in the current context, where 75% of them are optimistic and consider that they...

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Financing Growth SMBs Tips

Starting a Business: 3 Ideas & Financing Tips

In the business world, the entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force that can lead to the realization of great projects to achieve personal and financial success. However, starting a business can be a big challenge, especially if you have to evaluate various business ideas, in addition to having the necessary...

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Financing SMBs

Does Your Credit Score Influence Credit Approval?

The credit score is one of the most important elements when lenders determine if there is viability to grant credit to an applicant, if it is better to reject it, or impose certain special conditions. According to figures from the National Business Financing Survey (ENAFIN), it was estimated that of...

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Mexico SMBs

11 financial concepts that every entrepreneur should know

Financial concepts must be considered as something fundamental within any company. Having a full understanding of these facilitates the elaboration of strategies in order to make the operation and profitability of a business more efficient. According to a 2022 Ipsos report, it was estimated that 55% of the Mexican adult...

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Financing Growth SMBs

How fintechs help manage cash flow?

Cash flow is of great importance for any business, in addition, it is the indicator of how money moves as part of its operation. This involves a process that can sometimes be complex, and this is where fintech companies come in to lighten the load. Financial technologies have arrived to...

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