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Liquidity problems of a company: causes and solutions

A company's liquidity problems appear when the business does not have the capacity to meet its debts and other obligations that require capital to be met. According to data estimated by "Radiografía del emprendimiento", 29% of the reasons for failure of an SME are related to poor administration, and this...

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Mexico SMBs Tips

5 financial tips that every entrepreneur should know

In addition to starting from a great idea, the success of a business depends on factors such as effective leadership and daily decision-making, considered based on the analysis of information. With this in mind, below we will provide some financial advice to undertake safely and even know what actions can...

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Financing Mexico SMBs

How can you know your credit score?

The credit score has become one of the most important indicators for financial institutions to determine whether to grant applicants credit or not, and if so, to establish what the criteria will be. Given the relevance of this factor in lenders' credit analysis, it is also key for businesses to...

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SMBs Tips

Learn how to calculate and forecast your business’ cash flow

Calculating cash flow is one of the most relevant financial aspects for a company, as it is an instrument used to inform whether a business will be able to have enough cash to operate normally, even if it can be expanded, as well as how much it could need when...

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Growth Mexico SMBs Tips

5 tips for Mexicans SMBs to last longer than 5 years

SMBs in Mexico are essential for job creation and for the country's GDP, however, this is often not enough for them to really consolidate. In the country, despite the fact that there seems to be a favorable outlook for the emergence of new small and medium-sized companies, starting may not...

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Financing Online Financing SMBs

Online financing: How to manage it correctly

MCA online loans represent a suitable solution for smaller companies to obtain immediate capital to help them boost their business. Thanks to this they can have an opportunity for growth and minimize the chances of needing to close. In Mexico, it is estimated that 53% of companies have not requested...

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