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Growth Tips

Discover how to assess the financial health of your business

The financial health of a company is key to maintaining its profitability and seeking growth within the markets. For this, it is important to analyze aspects such as solvency, business operating efficiency, liquidity, among other fundamental elements that allow business finances to be in good condition. The lack of liquidity...

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Financing Online Financing

Financing as a solution to a negative cash flow

Financing, apart from being an instrument to expand and develop new projects, can help a company combat many problems, such as stagnation or bankruptcy. According to the EDN 2021 report, developed by INEGI, in 2021 there were more companies that went bankrupt (1,583,930) than were born (1,187,170). For entrepreneurs, this...

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Financing Tips

Business credit vs personal credit: Which is better?

The financial landscape offers various products, which adapt to different projects and needs. For this reason, knowing the differences and advantages between forms such as business credit and personal credit can be essential to obtain the necessary financing. According to figures from INEGI, in 2021, 47% of companies have chosen...

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Short or long term financing: what are your options?

Financing for SMEs can be found in various forms, according to their characteristics. Choosing variables such as the term of a loan can be a key factor in being able to achieve the objectives of a business, without falling into possible difficulties. Banxico's figures show that, by 2021, the total...

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Financing MCA Online Financing

Online loans: MCA as an ideal option for times of crisis

If obtaining financing is always a complex process for an SME, in times of economic uncertainty it is even more so. However, MCA online loans appear as a favorable alternative to this problem. Considering that, according to Wall Street Journal surveys, economists expect a 61% probability of recession this year,...

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Financing SMBs

How to know the ideal financing for your business?

Financing for SMEs is something that is required for the growth of this type of company, however, there are various types that adjust to the needs that may be had. According to data from Banxico, by September 2021, already coming out of a pandemic scenario, it was estimated that the...

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