Financing for SMEs is something that is required for the growth of this type of company, however, there are various types that adjust to the needs that may be had.

According to data from Banxico, by September 2021, already coming out of a pandemic scenario, it was estimated that the balance of credit to companies, not including trusts, was 2,292 million pesos, speaking of both large organizations and loans for SMEs. , showing that they are vital products not only for ventures, but for businesses at any scale.

This itself is an indicator that the objectives and possibilities are different, so you should also know the most appropriate sources of financing according to the state of finances and the use that you want to give to the financing resources.


The ideal financing for SMEs

Define the needs of your business, so that you know what type of credits for SMEs are the most convenient in your case.


Credits if your venture is very recent and small

One of the options for ventures that have just emerged is crowdfunding, a loan alternative through a platform, where a series of entities or people contribute certain amounts of money (not very high), to finance new projects.

There are also incubators, perfect for companies that are being born. They work with participants willing to invest, if a business proposal seems interesting to them and they see the possibility of obtaining attractive returns in the future. In this case, the ventures benefited by incubators obtain not only capital, but in many cases advice and infrastructure.


Financing sources for already consolidated SMEs

Bank credit works well in this case. It is the most traditional option, but where more requirements can be requested (unlike online financing), such as: considerable operating time, good profitability and being up to date with tax obligations. This type of financing is recommended for long-term projects, and companies that do not require immediate capital, since applications usually take time to be accepted.

Supplier credit is another option for businesses that have been operating for some time and have stability. This is when businesses are provided with raw materials or products from their usual suppliers, which they can pay later.


Financing for companies that require immediate resources

Sometimes there is a rush to have capital soon, and factoring is an alternative to obtain quick money, selling the invoices that a business has to collect, so that a third party collects them later. Thus there is no risk of indebtedness, since the payments are already scheduled, and the business can cover its needs quickly.

Another alternative is MCA financing or cash advance, which is a very versatile type of online financing, which is granted to companies that need quick resources, without obstacles, and with flexible payment methods, since the way of To cover the debt of an MCA is to pay with a percentage of the sales, plus a previously established fee.


The option of Pymes Capital

The cash advance is the form of financing that makes Pymes Capital available to your business, with affordable requirements, a very fast response time and immediate availability of resources, so that your business maintains its operations and can grow over time.

It is an excellent option for online loans for businesses, because to apply for credit, all you have to do is enter the website, fill out a short form, have the credentials of the SAT and the POS provider, and that’s it.

Finance your venture with Pymes Capital and grow your business in the best way.