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Financing Growth SMBs Tips

Financing for SMEs and other useful elements to undertake

Undertaking is a path to achieve personal and professional fulfillment; However, factors such as the lack of financing for SMEs and the lack of education aimed at the creation and development of companies are some of the obstacles that the panorama presents, according to data from the study Radiografía del...

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Financing SMBs Tips

Financing: How to create a financial plan for your business?

Since a firm begins operations, having financing and a plan to use and generate resources is something important. It is even crucial before starting a project, for it to be successful. In fact, 90% of businesses fail during the first five years of operation, and inadequate financial planning is a...

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Growth SMBs

How to Measure Performance and Position For Success in 2023

By Erez Saf, Pymes Capital President     As we start to plan our budgets and strategies for 2023, we should pause and consider how financially productive our business is. How are we evaluating our progress? What methods can we use to track and improve our performance throughout the year?...

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Financing Online Financing

6 benefits of online financing with Pymes Capital

Financing is one of the key factors for companies, therefore, obtaining it must be a process that does not end up representing greater difficulty for them, so that smaller and medium-sized businesses can have the resources they need as soon as possible, in a way easy and fast. Taking into...

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Financing MCA

Does my business need Pymes Capital financing?

More than 90% of businesses in Mexico are estimated to be small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which frequently lack access to conventional finance that is suitable for their needs. This problem, added to a context of high inflation and relocation of value chains, has led to the search for alternatives...

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Financing MCA Online Financing

SMEs financing: five choices if a loan application is denied

One of the essential components for SMEs to grow and thrive is financing, but this is not always granted; in these cases, steps must be made to ascertain what went wrong and what can be done. According to ENAFIN data, one of the things that hinders business growth the most...

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