We have talked a lot about the need for adequate financing sources for the development and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses; objective that in some cases is related to actions such as the purchase or lease of real estate, machinery or the hiring of personnel.

However, this time, we will focus on how online financing support the growth of SMEs, providing them with the necessary resources to make the leap to digitalization.


Digitization of processes: key to boosting your business

The digitalization of companies translates into benefits for attracting customers, increasing productivity or sales, and reducing costs. Therefore, below we will mention some facts about the current situation of digital transformation of SMEs in Mexico.

In this regard, businesses that have an automated model or have begun the digitalization of processes have access to advantages such as the possibility of reviewing and completing tasks from anywhere, achieving a significant cost reduction and a higher level of competitiveness in the market.

Today, the priority of organizations is not to analyze whether it is advisable to start a digitalization process, but rather the speed with which they can complete it. In this sense, it is estimated that, by 2025, 75% of the information generated in companies will be stored in the cloud and by 2050, 50% of their processes will have been automated.

Faced with this panorama, a first step is to identify the technological development and innovation needs of the company, define a digital transformation project with clear objectives and find a financing solution in line with what we want to achieve.


Online financing for technological development and innovation, how to take advantage of them?

Online loans are an excellent option due to their practicality, speed in granting and, above all, because they are tailored solutions, with schemes that adapt to the needs of each company.

Below we list three ideas to obtain the maximum benefit from this financial instrument.


1. Research and development of new products

In many cases, expansion is linked to the diversification of a company’s product or service portfolio, which, as it implies an innovation proposal, requires market research processes and research on the development of the product itself. Sometimes, this will also lead to the hiring of professionals with very specialized profiles.


2. Updating machinery and/or equipment

Digital solutions have reached practically all industries. That is why the acquisition of updated machinery and/or equipment, which allows operations to be optimized, has become one of the keys to achieving a competitive advantage over other companies in a given sector.


3. Digitization of processes and services

A large number of projects fall into this category, starting with those whose purpose is to automate contact, communication and customer service. For example, through improvements to the organization’s website and its social networks or the implementation of a Chatbot for customer queries at any time.

It is also possible to consider initiatives such as the digitalization of processes to adapt work routines to teleworking or hybrid work schemes; open an online store or optimize the business’ logistics chain.

Another project that could mean growth is investment in Big Data to analyze consumer behavior and make decisions based on objective information.

At Pymes Capital we promote the development of Mexican companies through solutions that effectively respond to their needs, through an online financing process, which is very fast, easy to carry out and with a high approval rate.