An organization’s supply chain includes all productive activities, from the manufacturing of a product to its delivery to the home of the final consumer.

This chain can be summarized in different elements of great importance in the productive operation, such as the supplies of raw materials, the manufacturing process of a product and its distribution.


Operational efficiency: key factor for success in any supply chain

Depending on the products that a company manufactures and distributes, the supply chain will have different characteristics, but in all cases, it must have the characteristics of simplicity, security and synergy.

A clear example of the importance of optimizing the supply chain is the distribution of pharmaceutical products, which require being transported in cold chains. In this case, operational efficiency in the last stage of the chain is crucial, since according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), poorly executed distribution could result in losses of around 25% of vaccines in a given country pharmaceutical products chain.

In general terms, optimizing logistics processes is essential, not only to offer a better experience to the consumer, but to meet the fundamental objectives of the supply chain, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Avoid losses.
  • Optimize delivery time.
  • Efficiently manage inventories.
  • Deal with unforeseen events.


Strategies to optimize a logistics chain

Currently, enhancing a company’s logistics involves the incorporation of new automation technologies, a project that, in many cases, requires access to financing sources in accordance with the needs.

But, beyond informing yourself about the types of financing, there are other factors that organizations must take into account to optimize their logistics processes, such as the adoption of systems for measuring supply chain performance.


Possible uses of financing to enhance your logistics

Once the types of financing related to the project to improve the logistics chain have been analyzed, some of the potential uses for these resources are listed below:

  • Automate warehouses.
  • Replace forklifts with automatic equipment.
  • Invest in the appropriate vehicle fleet depending on the product.
  • Introduce periodic improvements in the chain processes
  • Adopt technological systems for order and inventory management.
  • Promote a culture of teamwork and train staff at all levels in the supply chain.

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