The MCA is a type of financing that is flexible in its requirements, resolution and terms, which makes it a great option for small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their objectives in a simple way.

In this article you will learn about various things that you can do with one of these cash advances, so that you know the importance of financing in SMEs and the use you can give it to make your project prosper.


What is the MCA?

It is a financial product that consists of granting an amount of capital to the borrowing company, for which a fee must be given in advance (instead of interest), and which is paid with a percentage of the sales that the company SMEs are achieving, which gives them flexibility and ease in payment processes.


5 objectives you can achieve with an MCA

The cash advance is one of the most versatile sources of financing for SMEs, being ideal for achieving different proposed goals in a comfortable way, without affecting profits or cash flow.

Look at the goals that can be achieved with the cash advance:


1. Expand the business

By having extra resources that you can pay easily, you have the possibility of expanding the business and taking it to other geographic locations, to reach a larger audience and thus boost sales of the product or service.


2. Have an online presence

In relation to the target audience, you can develop a website and strengthen the presence on social networks, this makes the projection go even beyond physical sites and many more sales are achieved, which contributes to business growth and commercial development.


3. Diversify sources of income

Having a large amount of capital, well managed, can allow you to integrate new products or services into your company, as well as improve the quality of those you already offer. Increasing the offer of your business can attract a greater number of customers.


4. Have an emergency fund

A primary objective is to have an amount of money destined for unforeseen events that may occur and affect the operation, which can range from business losses to natural disasters. With this amount, crises can be faced without affecting operations or having the need to go into debt.


5. Make the operation more efficient

The sources of financing for SMEs allow you to invest in modern or more technological equipment and machinery that can mean a significant increase in productivity. The use of certain types of software is also helpful in automating accounting and administrative management processes.


Achieve business growth, with Pymes Capital

Now that you know the importance of financing in SMEs, because of what you can achieve with the use of a cash advance, consider it to ensure that your company is maintained over time and reaches the next level.

Use it to increase your sales and with these you can cover the debt without affecting the liquidity of the business.

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