The sources of financing of a company not only play an important role for the survival of the ventures, but also help boost the productivity of any business, whether they are small, medium or large. Both when launching new projects and giving new impetus to old projects, raising capital is necessary.

In the case of SMEs in Mexico, which generate more than 52% of GDP, business credit does a great job of promoting their development and allowing these companies to carry out their projects.


What is business competitiveness?

This term refers to the way in which the resources that companies have must be managed to optimize their productivity, offering the greatest efficiency within their field, in order to meet the demands of the market in which they operate.

On the other hand, productivity can be defined as the ability to generate a certain amount of goods and services in a given period of time. This is accomplished with something called competitive strategy.

All companies, consciously or not consciously, have one. For it to be effective, it must be well structured from the start due to careful planning. This results in the search for profitability against the competition.


How can it be achieved?

In order to have a 100% functional competitive strategy, a lot of time is required by your own means and, in many cases, the help of specialists. To achieve competitiveness, process automation, modern equipment, and having the possibility and resources to produce on a large scale are required in order to satisfy customer demand.

It is then that the sources of financing of a company appear as necessary factors for a certain consummation of projects, which can also be achieved quickly.

Loans to entrepreneurs are then elements that can improve the competitiveness of companies, by making economic resources available to them to consolidate and have more means to carry out their work.

With financing you can easily achieve:

  • Have trained personnel.
  • Improve the goods or services offered.
  • Implement innovative processes.
  • Improve sales processes (for example by implementing e-commerce) and marketing techniques.

With a well-planned and executed business model, plus well-used financing, competitiveness is guaranteed.


Your business credit, with Pymes Capital

If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level, online loans are one of the best options for SMEs, due to their ease of application and easy compliance requirements.

To access MCA financing from Pymes Capital, you can fill out the online form, and you only need to have a POS provider, sales in the last 6 months (with a card), and have your company registered in the SAT. Done, with that you can have a resolution in a few hours, and the capital in your account, immediately.

Learn about the Pymes Capital options and discover how you can boost the competitiveness of your company with loans to entrepreneurs designed to suit you.