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Digital transformation: How to implement it in your business?

Digital transformation is one of those elements of the modern world that are here to stay, in various aspects, and one of them is the business environment, which cannot be left out of the advances that exist, to be able to adapt to the rhythm of the world and the...

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Growth Mexico SMBs

Business growth: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Business growth is one of the most common objectives once some stability has been achieved in the business. However, in this process there are a series of errors that can be avoided. Below, we list some of the most important ones, strategies to prevent them and that can help better...

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MCA Online Financing or Bank Loans?

Online financing in the form of cash advances have become one of the most interesting alternatives for businesses to obtain financing, apart from bank loans. In Mexico, it is estimated that 25% of SMEs fail due to difficulties in obtaining financing. It is a percentage that causes entrepreneurs to look...

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Financing Growth

How can you use external financing for your coffee shop?

It is estimated that last year in Mexico more than 87,000 tons of coffee were consumed, the largest amount ever recorded. From the above, it can be inferred that coffee shops are one of the most powerful ventures today, and therefore, a very important reason when seeking external financing and...

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MCA financing to improve the liquidity of your company

Financing is one of the most important tools so that a business can have liquidity and be able to continue with its daily operations, in addition to expanding in the future. However, there is a perception that credit institutions impose complicated procedures and high interest rates, which has caused that,...

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Financing Online Financing

5 characteristics of financing that you should pay attention to

In Mexico, SMEs represent a significant percentage of the total jobs generated in the country, being more than 70%. However, despite its importance for the stability and economic growth of the country, one of the most important difficulties faced by entrepreneurs who have a company is adapting their business to...

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