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Financing SMBs Tips

5 tips to overcome financial crisis in your business

The financial crisis scenario in a company is one of the worst situations that an organization can face, it does not matter if it is a large organization or a venture that is just starting, it is a scenario that should be avoided as much as possible. According to the...

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Financing MCA Online Financing

Factoring vs. Merchant Cash Advance: Which Should You Pick?

Merchant Cash Advance or factoring are two financing options that SMEs can consider if they want to obtain resources, but it is important to know so that they know which is the most convenient, according to their situation. It is important to consider that according to estimates, more than 60%...

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How to register for SAT: step-by-step and requirements

In order to have a business in order, you must meet the requirements to register with the SAT, this helps companies to operate within the law, and obtain certain benefits, such as access to financing. According to the ENAFIN 2021 (National Business Financing Survey), between 2015 and 2021 there was...

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Growth SMBs Tips

Use these 8 digital tools to expand your business quickly

The use of technology and digital tools has become an essential aspect for any company, they are basic to be able to have a good relationship with the consumer, better management of the organization, and optimized positioning and growth. This type of change is a necessity for SMEs in Mexico...

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Financing Growth

The importance of financing in a business plan

A first step to find adequate financing is to consider this factor from the time a business plan is drawn up, taking into account the needs to be met and estimating a term to cover the loan received. For this, it is important to evaluate the ability to pay and,...

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Financing Growth

Business financing: vital for growing companies

Both to ensure the survival and to boost the success of small, medium and large companies, business financing is a fundamental element. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are in the process of growth, having good sources of financing is especially critical due to their limited financial resources....

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