The financial crisis scenario in a company is one of the worst situations that an organization can face, it does not matter if it is a large organization or a venture that is just starting, it is a scenario that should be avoided as much as possible.

According to the “Radiografía del emprendimiento en México”, a business can fail for various reasons. Highlighting the lack of liquidity or working capital, with 35% and the bad administration of the business, with 29%. Both are factors that are related to financial crises, and make it necessary to know how to get out of them.


What is a financial crisis?

But first you have to be clear about the concept. A financial crisis is when a company experiences a disturbance, which occurs suddenly and generates a considerable loss of assets, affecting the operation and economy of the organization, in such a way that there is an imbalance between its money flows.


5 tips and financial strategies for a company in crisis

Since there is no business that is exempt from this happening, it is important that you know how to act in such a case, so that you anticipate and can save your project. Consider the following tips below.


1. Stay in control

Do not make hasty decisions, stay calm so that you can have a better flow of ideas, assess your financial health, and think of the best strategies, otherwise you could make the situation worse.


2. Try to reduce costs and streamline processes

In the event of a crisis, you should seek to quickly reduce costs, leaving out everything that represents unnecessary expenses, such as the purchase of certain materials, new equipment, or the payment of rent for spaces that are not 100% used.


3. Establish agreements with your suppliers

It is important that you are on good terms with the suppliers, so that you can approach them and explain the situation of your company, to renegotiate terms and avoid paying interest that may further affect your situation.


4. Start advertising strategies

It is a good time to make use of campaigns on social networks and project your brand. Normally, it does not take a large investment to advertise on media such as Facebook or Instagram, and you can attract new customers that way.


5. Create strategic alliances

Likewise, it is an appropriate time to look for investors who are interested in your project and see potential to reactivate it. Or, create alliances with other companies in the sector, to share operations, minimize the impact on finances and share profits.


The solution for Pymes Capital

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