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Need help? These are the most typical questions from our customers.

  • Why should I apply to PYMES Capital?

    Because we provide easy, agile, and quick services that don’t require you to leave your desk. Each client receives 100% individualized service that is tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to be your Financial ally by providing you with appealing proposals in the quickest time possible. Pymes Capital provides funding within 24 hours, has a high approval rate, is quick and easy to complete, and allows you to pay as you grow.

  • How do I know if I am a candidate for financing?

    You must be a person with business activity (PFAE) or a company or merchant with at least six months operating, with credit/card average sales of over $25,000 MXN.

  • How does Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) financing work?

    An MCA is a type of financing that advances cash to a merchant or company against its future credit/debit card sales. Think of it as selling your future credit/debit card sales for an amount today.  This type of financing allows companies or merchants to get the cash they need today to remodel, buy supplies, or as working capital.

    Once the cash advance is granted, we will collect a percentage of your sales on a weekly basis until the amount financed is paid in full. Small businesses can apply online quickly and easily.


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