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Need help? These are the most typical questions from our customers.

  • Why should I apply to PYMES Capital?

    Because we provide easy, agile, and quick services that don’t require you to leave your desk. Each client receives 100% individualized service that is tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to be your Financial ally by providing you with appealing proposals in the quickest time possible. Pymes Capital provides funding within 24 hours, has a high approval rate, is quick and easy to complete, and allows you to pay as you grow.

  • What permissions will Pymes Capital require?

    In order to make an accurate prediction and analyze risk, we ask new applicants to grant us secure access to their SAT account. Pymes Capital will have access to your most recent invoices and company information, but will never manipulate or share them. Connecting takes 2 minutes and is completed through our onboarding process.

  • What do I have to do to get financing?

    You only have to fill out the contact form, registering your basic data such as your name and email, your business address and your SAT credentials (RFC and CIEC). This way we will be able to connect to the SAT via CRiskCo’s SAT API. We will also get your credit/debit sales transactions from your POS provider. In a period of no more than two hours we will tell you how much we can finance you. You must then send us the required documentation. That’s it!

  • How does Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) financing work?

    An MCA is a type of financing that advances cash to a merchant or company against its future credit/debit card sales. Think of it as selling your future credit/debit card sales for an amount today.  This type of financing allows companies or merchants to get the cash they need today to remodel, buy supplies, or as working capital.

    Once the cash advance is granted, we will collect a percentage of your sales on a weekly basis until the amount financed is paid in full. Small businesses can apply online quickly and easily.

  • Is Pymes Capital focused on a specific market?

    Yes, Pymes Capital specializes in the dynamic market in Mexico, offering tailored financial solutions to businesses across various industries. Our focus is on supporting local businesses and contributing to the economic growth of the region.

  • What is Pymes Capital and how is it associated with the Criskco Group?

    Pymes is a financial services provider specializing in Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) that empower businesses with quick and accessible funding. Proudly associated with the CRiskCo Group, a leading financial technology company, Pymes Capital leverages the group’s expertise in the SMB financing process to offer innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

  • Is Pymes Capital Safe?

    Absolutely. Pymes Capital prioritizes the security and privacy of our clients. We employ robust measures to ensure the safety of your data and financial transactions. Our commitment to transparency and compliance with industry standards makes Pymes Capital a secure and trustworthy financial partner.


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