MCA online financing is one of the most innovative products of its kind that exists, and can be very beneficial for businesses looking for alternatives to traditional loans that often require requirements that smaller businesses cannot meet.

It is estimated that the lack of economic resources has caused more than 30% of businesses to close their doors. In view of this percentage, a company’s financing sources must be varied and always available, with affordable, immediate and easy-to-acquire options.


Get to know the MCA

Online cash advance loans, or MCAs, are one of the financing alternatives that are here to stay due to their high level of innovation.

The Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan as such, but rather can be classified as a capital advance, against future sales achieved by the borrowing company, these must be through credit or debit cards, that is, the loan It is paid through a certain percentage of said sales.



These types of loans, of course, require a fee, instead of interest, which can be paid along with the percentage of each sale, or in advance to later only cover the original amount.

When charging for sales made through cards, it is necessary for the requesting company to have a POS (point of sale terminal) provider.

The way online loans work means that when sales are less, less is paid, and vice versa, also implying that the more you pay, the shorter the term and the cash advance can be settled quickly.

That versatility is not the only attractive thing, but since it can be requested online, it saves you from having to go to a branch to invest a lot of time, in addition to it it also saves you a lot of paperwork and the resolutions are more agile, but learn more advantages directly in the next section.


The benefits

  • The MCA can be requested from any device at any time.
  • Flexibility in payments and terms results in relief for cash flow.
  • It is financing that does not require complex requirements.
  • It is tailored as much as possible to the borrower.
  • No warranty required.
  • You do not need an extensive credit history.


Online financing of Pymes Capital

If you want to have one of the sources of financing for a company that has become one of the most competitive, you can do it in a very practical way.

All you have to do is go to the Pymes Capital website, complete a simple application, the application of which has no cost and does not affect your status in the credit bureau, and in a few hours you will be informed if it was accepted and what amount of money you could receive in advance, to meet the financial objectives of your company.

Don’t worry about the cost of this MCA, the rate is 18%, very low compared to the interest that products such as bank loans or factoring can generate.

You don’t have to think too much, access Pymes Capital and obtain financing tailored to your venture, so that you can give it that boost you want to achieve.