Business credit has become an essential element for start-ups to meet their objectives and, with this, have the possibility of growing without obstacles and avoid concerns related to maintaining the liquidity of the business.

It is estimated that in Mexico, 35% of the ventures have been affected because they run out of liquidity, and that around 25% of entrepreneurs have failed because it is difficult for them to obtain financing for their company.

Therefore, you need to know the importance of having clear objectives so as not to misuse the resources of your business, as well as attractive business credit options to promote them.


Short-term goals: relevance and examples

Short-term business objectives, which can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months, are crucial for a venture to achieve financial stability, which will allow it to later achieve long-term goals, that is, they represent a basis on which is the foundation for a potential expansion of the business, which is why they must be well defined.

Among the most relevant short-term goals that can be considered are:


Creating an emergency fund

Saving is one of the basic objectives that a company must consider, this with the aim of having capital in case of any unforeseen event that may arise.


Define target income

According to the potential of your company, establish in an achievable, realistic and measurable way, the income that you plan to achieve during a fiscal year.


Analyze the competition and improve the offer

If you understand the dynamics of the competition, you can know what extra you should offer in your products or services, and how to modify the offer to attract a larger target audience.


Improve financial margins

Optimize production, marketing, administrative expenses, among others, so that the sales of your product or service generate a higher net margin, and in this way the business profits can be more attractive.


Invest in the company

Allocate part of the resources to the acquisition of assets such as equipment or modern machinery, which over time can make business productivity more efficient and increase the profitability of your project.


MCA’s role in goals

All the aforementioned objectives require resources and their proper management, so it is equally important to know the most convenient sources of financing for SMEs for the business plan of the ventures, especially when they cannot face large debts or when they are too recent to verify solidity in its performance (even having it).

One of these financial products is the MCA or cash advance, a very convenient alternative for companies, since it is a type of financing that has many advantages over traditional options, for example:

  • What makes it a more striking alternative is, in principle, that a large and overwhelming paperwork is not needed, since, usually, they are easy-to-apply online loans.
  • Then there is the short resolution period, which can even take hours, compared to the weeks that traditional bank loans take.
  • A single fee is paid on the requested amount, in advance, thus avoiding the high costs related to the interest rates of traditional credits.
  • The payment is given in a flexible way, with a percentage of the sales that the company achieves, without representing pressure or affectation for the cash flow.


Your MCA source is Pymes Capital

If you want to stay on track towards your big goals, effectively meet short-term objectives, relying on sources of financing for SMEs, such as cash advances, which, as you can see, do not represent a burden in any part of the process, and by paying, your company wins.

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