Personalización, facilidad en la solicitud, rapidez en la resolución y un proceso de pago cómodo, es lo que hacen del MCA una opción atractiva para pequeñas y medianas empresas.

Entra a  si tienes un proyecto que tiene pocos meses de haber arrancado, y experimenta un financiamiento innovador a tu medida.


Financing sources, which are vital for start-ups to achieve the desired expansion or face difficulties, have diversified to adapt to their needs, especially when they are very young, so that they can preserve themselves and achieve success.

It must be clear that access to financing is one of the key aspects to prevent small and medium-sized companies from having to close their doors.


Types of financing for ventures

That is why it has become necessary to know the different sources of financing that exist, so that more companies are motivated to benefit from them and look for alternatives, in case they cannot meet the requirements of some financial institutions. In addition, according to the Business Demographics Study (EDN) in 2021, more SMEs in Mexico disappeared than emerged.

So take note and learn about the different financing available to SMEs in Mexico.


1. Bank credits

The traditional option, mainly focused on those who are already customers of a bank, so if you are not one of them, the application can be complicated, the process of which is not agile in itself, and requires many requirements, such as statements of account, declarations, credit score, among others that SMEs cannot always comply with.


2.Venture Capital

Venture capital is an option for companies that have been around for a short time, but also have great growth potential. This consists of a group of investors contributing their resources to a young venture, in exchange for having shares or ensuring the possibility of having a part of the company in the future.


3. Crowdfunding

These are online platforms in which ventures expose their line of business and objectives, and users together decide whether to donate or lend capital, in exchange for rewards, benefits or discounts from the venture.


4. Incubators

This is the alternative for projects that are at the point of origin, since they receive advice and support from business support and consultancy centers, to shape the ideas of the ventures, and help them in their development until all their operations are up and running. completely.


5. Factoring

It is a product that consists of selling the invoices receivable of a company, so that it has liquidity in advance. In order for it to work, the requesting SME must have been in operation long enough to have a client portfolio that allows them to obtain good resources for their invoices.


6. MCA Funding

It is one of the most popular types of financing lately, competing with factoring, due to its ease of application (since it can be requested online), its speed of resolution, its flexibility in payments, and the low rates it handles.

Its operation consists of immediately obtaining an amount in cash, which is paid in a versatile way with a percentage of future sales of the borrowing company.

Pymes Capital offers this financial product to companies that have been in operation for at least 6 months, a reasonable period to be able to evaluate the performance of a growing project, and to be able to offer a service that fully adapts to their possibilities and needs.

Personalization, ease of application, speed of resolution and a comfortable payment process, is what makes the MCA an attractive option for small and medium-sized companies.

Enter Pymes Capital and experience innovative financing tailored to your needs.